Schützen Sie Ihre E-Mails in Outlook

Cryptomailer bringt die E-Mail-Schutz in Outlook, sofort, mit einer Benutzer-freundlichkeit noch nie gesehen:

Klicken Sie auf eine verschlüsselte E-Mail: es wird automatisch entschlüsselt sofort in Outlook,
Klicken Sie auf das "Verschlüsseln" Cryptomailer-Button in der E-Mail-Fenster. Die E-Mail wird automatisch verschlüsselt und sofort Zeit senden.

How to setup CryptoMailer

Setting up CryptoMailer is a very easy process:

Download and install the application
Enter your email address: CryptoMailer automatically creates the associated secret key
Choose a password to protect your secret key

Open Outlook: you can send your first encrypted email.

One email address: One secret key, for all your devices.

Since you register on CryptoMailer, your secret key is automatically associated to your email address.
Thus, you can use it to encrypt your emails on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone.
The same secret key can be used with all mail software and with all devices.

It is even possible you take your secret key with you, using the specific CryptoMailer "Mobile" USB Mode.

Privacy and confidentiality made in CryptoMailer

CryptoMailer is the email encryption solution which combines strong confidentiality and maximum ease of use..

Your CryptoMailer password enables to unlock your secret key: you are able to decrypt your emails.

Conversely, as long as your secret key is locked, nobody can decrypt your emails.

It's even possible you remove your secret key to take it with you, protected on a removable device such as a USB key.