CryptoMailer - instant privacy for your email

On PC, Smartphone or Tablet, CryptoMailer provides government grade
encryption instantly, easily and for all your existing and future contacts.


CryptoMailer is available for

  • Android

  • iOS/iPhone


  • Outlook

  • Thunderbird

  • Webmail

Maximum Privacy guaranteed!

CryptoMailer encrypts emails end-to-end, straight from your Outbox to the receiver's Inbox.

Emails remain encrypted at all times in your Inbox and your Sent mailbox, whether on PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Private emails are only decrypted when you explicitely open them and when CryptoMailer is unlocked.

Only two people can read your encrypted emails - Yourself and your Correspondent.

Email protection easier than ever

CryptoMailer adds privacy to your email with a simple click :
Strongest security combined with unequalled userfriendlyness.

All it takes is one simple click to send encrypted emails to
as many correspondants and with as many attachments as you wish.

They use CryptoMailer

Encrypt, Decrypt: simple price policy.

  • Decrypting emails is and will always be FREE of charge.
  • Encrypting emails is FREE during the 30 days trial period.
    After the initial 30 days, a subscription is required.
  • Subscriptions are "Per email address".
  • A subscription is valid for one email address, and can be used on any device and with any email Software.